About Me

What led me to UX design was realizing that I was not only fascinated by technology, but also the ways in which people use it and the effect it has on their lives. When I worked at a summer program for children with disabilities, I was amazed by how fluently they navigated through tablets to watch YouTube videos and play educational games. Moments like this have inspired my strive to not only design products that are more engaging and easier to use but also positively effect people's lives through technology.

In general, I want to build products that fit seamlessly into users' lives, support users in things they already do, and empower them to do more. Given my interests and experience, I'm particularly excited about designing consumer apps and products that people use every day. But regardless of the project I'm working on, I bring my passion for design and my determination to find efficient solutions to difficult problems.

Aside from design, I'm a big fan of dogs (pics of mine available upon request). I also love running (and had the fortune of testing out some really cool running watches during my design internship at Garmin this past summer!)

I received my Bachelor's degree at Cornell in 2016. Currently, I'm finishing my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction Design at Indiana University. I'm graduating in May, and I'm currently looking for a position at a company that's as excited about UX design as I am. Whether you are hiring or just want to chat, I'd love to get in touch! Send me an email at hello@briano.co.